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Ok, so I know what you are thinking… Another person trying to cash in on Patreon charging people for help and advice. That’s not the case here. I am asked constantly what direction someone should take their project, asked constantly how to turn this game into a profitable business. How to build social media presence and so on…. Sadly I can’t be everyone’s guide. I too only have 24 hours in day. So after careful consideration (and been told to start to Patreon constantly) I’ve give in and found the place to not only help people in the above questions but I’ll put my all into helping you take this game further than you ever thought you could.  
I have extensive knowledge in the breeding of ball pythons, marketing myself, photography and videographer, but where I feel I can offer the most value, I can give guidance in turning hobbies into a profitable, professional business both in the reptiles and other sectors. I believe I can offer great insight into many subjects and if you agree, join us and together let’s turn your passion into your profession! 
If you love your job, you’ll never work another day in your life!! 

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